Introduction to ME: I am Many Things...Anyone Else Relate/Have Similar Interests?

in photography •  last year

Hello all,
I'm brand new to this looks pretty cool! I read that I should make an introductory post somewhere in the noob's guide, so here goes! I'm going to list a lot of things below...please don't take it as bragging, it's just the best way to let you know who I am and what my interests are (which will also dictate a lot of what I post here). Photos on this post are one's I took this year at some car competition shows.

I have been a(n)/have earned/obtained:

  • Degree in General Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Masters in Business Administration
    --- MBA Emphasis in International Business


  • Owned small manufacturing firm for Airsoft mods (FPT Creations)
  • Ecom website (closed)
  • Blog website (closed)
  • Currently 50% owner of a performance auto parts resale company (MTM Autoworks)


  • Automotive Photographer (see photos below!)
  • YouTube Channel (TheCFProject there, as well)
  • EDM DJ-ing (just picked this one up recently)
  • Looking into Cryptocurrency Mining (ETH, anyone?)
  • Driving/working on Japanese sportscars with my wife & friends
  • Building custom PC's

I'm always looking to connect with people on any of these topics! I love a good conversation!

Hope to connect with you at some point, Cheers!

6-5-17 IMG_6724.jpg

7-3-17 IMG_6894.jpg

5-8-17 IMG_5493.jpg

6-19-17 IMG_6923.jpg

3-27-17 IMG_5351.jpg

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Hello, Thecfproject, In case this has been your first Introdusemyself Post i'm here to welcome you to Steemit. I hope you have a lot of fun here and you may follow me. Have a great time @rightuppercorner


Thanks for the warm welcome! I hope that I can contribute to this community as much as I believe it will contribute to me!

Welcome to Steemit, @thecfproject. Wonderful post, great cars there.


Thanks! Wish at least one of them were mine. Oh well, should be getting an Evo X in 2018. Fingers crossed!

Nice pictures. Thanks for posting.

Have you read about using your "posting key" vs your "master key" to login yet?


Thanks! No, I have not. Everything is pretty much 100% new on this site at this point...


Basically don't log in with your "master key"
Use your private posting key.

TL,DR: You should have ALREADY saved your PASSWORD that was used to generate your keys
Next go to Profile >Wallet > Permissions and copy paste all FIVE keys to a safe place.
(eg a text file on a memory stick)
The “OWNER” key is the ‘master key’, keep it VERY safe
Daily logins for posting should use your Private POSTING key.
Once you have copies saved, log out and log back in with USERNAME & your POSTING key
Hope that helps some.

Don’t relate outside of crypto. But welcome to steemit!


Thanks! And hey, that's why I like having such a variety of just takes ONE thing in common to be able to carry on a decent conversation. Lol.

Hey nice pictures those cars look really cool I'll be posting about my chameleon I'm also new here as well! Looking forward to your post

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