A day with Mother Nature Part I

in photography •  last year 

Mother nature is full of wonder and surprises. The more we explore her, the more we fall for and into her beauty. If you want to witness her true beauty, than you must see her when the tiny rain droplets hits her.
So,without wasting any time let's get started :-)
The freshness of the leave when the rain stopped

When the droplets hits her

The slower the shutter speed,the clearer the droplets

Small droplets accumulated form a bigger ones
A drop for life

The actual speed at which it rained that day

OK that's it for today guys. Hope you all like it,as a second edition to this post will be posted soon,there I will post some pictures captured in the Manual Mode.

***N.B -- The pictures posted above are 100% authentic and have been freezed by me. So I request all the Bloggers to use original authentic content. It's for your own benefit,and this help in promoting the true spirit of blogging. Thank you ***

Namaste …/\…

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