pit stop, October 29th

in photography •  15 days ago 

As this notebook reaches its end, I combine thoughts in the same space, as a sort of conservation effort. The afternoon rush on the Red line chugs along, somehow this novelist finds room to record his feats. The desire to see his efforts and its effect, a roll of Superia 800, lies in the hands of the good people at Hunt’s Photo and Video. The excitement of the glittering prize that awaits in print doesn’t wane, rather, it channels into a desire for personal technology – a scanner to give object permanence a digital receipt, rice and chicken to sate the appetite, and more film to capture the jewels of my experience.

As both doors open at Park Street, hustlers, charlatans, and martyrs file on and off the train, in hot pursuit of their own cause. Leaves dance from the branches they adorn to litter the ground, as Nature and man prepare for battle with an opponent most adversary, Winter. Colder temperatures and insistent precipitation could not stop the seasonal growth; neither would trials hinder this aesthete’s development, morning jugs and protein drinks for muscle.

A new model by which to create presents itself as I follow other artists and their ambition. @JustinMullet counsels on how to drive traffic to his site, the same way I crave eyes on my latest, or this quick bite from commuter rail food courts. Yet neither will suffice if my time is not well spent; images create ads, which invite more photos, generating surplus content for the blog, portfolio and ultimately, monetization! The journey I began in high school many moons ago had much more in store for this adventurer, as could cover hides the evening.

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