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This is a continuation of the previous post. Here, you can see the second half of the process that the Animaker Animal Creation AI uses. After scanning a Lego-block figure that someone has built, the computer guesses at which animal it depicts. The AI learns and gets better over time.

The computer makes an educated guess.

You can go back and improve on the animal design if you want.

It recognizes eagles, rhinos, elephants, crocodiles, giraffes, and many more creatures.

Once the computer has guessed your animal correctly, you can customize it with different colors and accessories, etc.

Here is the large wall screen showing the animated animals that different people have created, first using Lego blocks, and then as rendered by the computer and customized by the user before being published to this animated groups of characters on the wall screen. These animals are dancing or juggling or there are bubbles floating around them. Some are wearing certain clothes that the user has selected.

Here is an eagle that someone has created, flying with stars floating around it.

Here, also, are a dancing giraffe with floating hearts and a walking turtle with other symbols.

And here is the starry eagle again with an elephant in the background. Note the customization of the rainbow and the elephant painting its self-portrait.

In summary, please view these two sets of photographs in order. You can see how users create Lego designs of animals, which the computer then scans. Based on its experience, the AI then makes a guess about what kind of animal it depicts. And then the user can customize that animal with colors and symbols and actions before it is published to the huge screen where you can see everyone's animal creations dancing and performing animated functions.

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Wow what a post sweet post with some sweet picture i love your post .how can you do this tell me me also want dO this

I love to draw too.

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