StreetArt from my hometown (Portland, OR): Part 5

in photography •  last year


✨If you come visit Portland make sure to check out this 3 sided mural located on SE Belmont. It's constantly changing with different artists featured all the time, BONUS it's right next to the best thai food in town, Mai Thai.



✨Cob building and structures are very popular in the NorthWest as it goes hand in hand with permaculture. You'll see many beautifully decorated cob sitting areas through-out portland. This one is especially beautiful with an especially sad story, dedicated to a friend and biker who lost his life at that very corner, built as a place to remember him.



✨If you enjoyed these share some love and art from your city! Thanks for looking and all the support💜

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This is my drug. Thanks for supplying it! Hey! A fellow Portland girl followed me and I told her about you, can I tell her your profile name so you can get in contact?

Sending regards and as always, my auto-voter votes you on the first minute you post. Keep up this queality.


You're awesome, thanks so much for the continued support! And absolutely, send her my way. Would love to meet and follow : )


On her way as you read this!! Yesss, support is due where support is due to :)


Search for her as @auroralyrayoga !