😍 💕Some does not think that I am me but am deffinately just me. 💕 👄

in #photography4 years ago (edited)

So went to 7 eleven in the morning yesterday and bought a loaf of bread, not the nice one you get in Europe, merely a toast.
The receipt says 62 and for you ignorants, that believe in a failed Buddhist monk I will just say that we are 543 years ahead of you.

The note is not so clear I will admit as the phone kept the focus on my head.




I admit it is not clear but I can see that it reads 08/11/62 06:29 I could take a clear picture of it but that would somewhat ruin the whole point.

I hope that you will have a wonderful day.



I hope that it is my shitty Chinese camera together with the blue background that makes me look so gray, I am not grey, I am a woman of colour *1 and proud of it.

*1 Yes you fuc...s it is colour.

Yes, the background and shitty camera make you look fifty shades of gray :D

Yes - you are you, and 2562 => 2019 for the rest of us.

I love this.

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