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As we all know there are plenty ongoing contests across the Steemit platform. In my beginning days (exactly two months ago :)) I found that the photo contests are a good way to say Hello, I am also here! and explore and feel the environment. In meanwhile some of contests I stopped entering, in others I enjoy almost every week. The one I really like is Shadow Photo Contest hosted by dear @melinda010100.

Next image is my entry for the last round - Selfie Shadows, its 46 week! The fact I absolutely like about this contest is that usually I don't have an appropriate photo as the answer to the week-theme but it is always easy for homemade.

Next two images are my works for some previous calls that I truly enjoyed making. Make all the color pencils to stand up at the same moment was tough work :D Also any kind of photo editing is allowed, so free your imagination and play.

week 43 - Group Shadows

week 42 - Shoe Shadows

Hope that sharing this info will bring more Steemians to contest, both entering and supporting.
Finally, I will add an anecdote for which I have no @melinda010100 consent but consider it is OK to let in the air. Every start is spiced up with beginners mistakes and my first Steemit days weren't any exception. Very fast I ran out of RC (Resource Credits) and recharging went too slow for me. At some point I needed to wait more than day for one comment, and again another day for second one. You must agree - really annoying! :D I was about to lose interest for the platform and then I've received a SP delegation more than enough to overcome my struggles.
I believe that all of us has its own story from beginning and this was about my Steemit angel.


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Great selfie shadows and thank you so much for your kind words! I'm so happy that I could help because you deserved a boost to get started. And I'm so glad you decided to stay here!

Many thanks go to you, @melinda010100. I am super happy we met here.
Keep being wonderful!

You' ve been selected always in support of good work

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Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.
- Ryunosuke Satoro.

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Thank you a lot!

Cool, creative shadows!

I am glad you like it. Hope you will join the next contest. Thank you @kunschj for stopping by!

Veoma inspirativno i kreativno 👍

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Drago mi je da vam se sviđa, a još ako inspiriše - misija uspela! Hvala na kometari @obsesija.

Veri najs, što bi rekli Anglosaksonci.

Tenk juri veliku mačku ;)

Svaka čast!

Komentar zvuči kao ozbiljna pohvala! Hvala veliko @gorangoran! Stimit inspiriše na igru, a iz igre uvek proizilaze divne stvari.

Howdy from Texas tellurian! Wonderful selfie shadow photos and I couldn't agree more that Melinda is an angel! lol. great job on the post and congratulations for coming this far so fast in just two months!

Thank you @janton for kind words. I was lucky to come across wonderful people here who made my stay inspiring and fruitful.

It's such a wonderful community and you fit right in!