Lucky or UnLucky


I don't know what you will call me after listening to my story; the luckiest one or the unluckiest one! It started from that very day since my marriage had been fixed. Every time I went to meet my fiancé, I found myself in a very embarrassing situation.

The first day I went to my fiancé’s home for seeing the bride suddenly my stomach started rumbling when I first saw her in front of me for giving me sweets. It must’ve been something I ate earlier in the day but I was worried they’d think it's their food. I was sweating trying to keep it in. How could I ask her to go to bathroom? But it was something very bad and I couldn't stop myself from running out of the room and ask my future wife to show me the bathroom, feeling very shameful. I saw her laughing for the first time at that moment while she was showing me the bathroom.

We love each other a lot. She loves me more I know, but I don't know what she saw in me; how can she love me this much? I am a very ordinary and very nervous boy! Every time I go in front of her I do something wrong or every time something bad happens. She calls me with adoration "Bokaram" (fool)! But I love when she laughs about my stupidity.

The second time she came to meet me at my working place where I live to see me without letting me know because I was having a fever. I was very shy of my dirty cloths but I never knew for a second that more dirty things were waiting for me to happen again. When she sat beside me, suddenly I sneezed — and a huge booger bubble came out of my nose. I couldn't do anything but get out of the room because she started laughing loudly again and I couldn't enter the room for a while. See brother, how lucky I am! This is not the last of it you know?

The last time I went to see her at their home, I called her phone and asked her to come out of the room to meet me. We are not married yet so we meet secretly. She told me she is coming in a minute and I was waiting for her and thought to scare her so I hid myself on the side of the gate of their house and I was waiting for her to come out. I saw she was coming with a dim lamp on her hand. I was waiting for the moment and when she come out I loudly said 'hooow' (boo) in her face and the lamp went off and her mother started yelling by asking "who the saitan is there? who is there?" I ran away from there and hid myself in the dark wood and from there I called her on her phone again. As always she said nothing but started laughing and didn't stop till I cut the call. I am going to meet her tonight again, brother, please pray for me. I don't know what is waiting today but I will certainly love to see her smiling_ Romjan

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