Exploring Mumbai. Series of images #5:- having fun in ALIBAG BEACH !!!

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Hello my Friends and my Followers welcome again in my blog !!!!.
Firstly I wish every one to GUD MORNING !!!
now let's discuss today's topic , as I say today I will share some of the images that I click in ALIBAG BEACH in Mumbai so let's beginnings ....
When you entered in beach you will first look this board . ( Image is below).
Once you enter in beach the left side of the sense is look like this type. ( Image is below).
And right side of the sense is look like this type.
When water is high than it look like this type.
And this type.
And also this type.
" We have lot of images and also it is not possible to show all images in one post so I show images in 3 different posts "
When water goes down than it look like this type.
Note:- again images will be come so early so follow me and give one upvote if you like this post ... Have a nice day guys and have a good day...

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nice place .pictures are beautiful.Is this the place where srk have bunglow.