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in photography •  last year

Well I did say to someone on here I would be looking to get some reflection shots


This is a church in downtown Milford CT the First United Church of Christ

They just recently added the lights in the front door which makes it look even better at night

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I attended a wedding at that lovely church once!


You did thats cool, its such a beautiful church, I went up the steeple one day in the middle of summer it was about 92 degrees was a great view but crazy to go up that day took me a few days to recover LOL

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The lake water is still, which is a perfect state for reflection. Great shot.


Thanks yes it was very still that night luckily, there were some annoying wires inthe shot but managed to remove them

Excellent composition and perfect timing! Don't dream it, Steem it!


Thanks for such a kind comment

will swing by and check your page

Well done! This shot is picture perfect!


Thanks your so kind

Very beautiful ...I love reflections 👍🏻


Thanks I love them as well just hadn't taken any for a while

Excellent job my friend! Love the reflection and the right light exposure. Nice to see Connecticut through your eyes. One of my favorite states.


Thanks so kind of you, I am glad after driving through it many times that we decided to move here :)

True place 😗

I adore reflections! This is fantastic photo!


ThAnks I to love reflections

Thank you for posting.

Lovely photograph and perspective. Cheers.


Thanks I got Liu Kay with the light and still water on the pond :)

Fantastic reflection of that lovely church!


Thanks it is such a beautiful church both outside and inside

Very good photo! beautiful!. Congrats! upvote!


Thanks so much appreciated

@tattoodjay Astonishing! Resteemed!


Thanks appreciated