Steemitphotochallenge SPC #41 Entry 2 - The fire within

in photography •  last year

This image in a way represents me. I feel a flame inside that will take all that I think I am, pile it high and burn it to the ground. Leave myself smouldering. Perhaps only then I will know who I am. Perhaps only then I can create fully. Build to potential. Yet it is a desolate place and I stand alone. Maybe that is the way it has to be.

I photograph this tree quite often. It is close to my home and I feel an affinity with it. It is old and broken and will one day fall but even with developments closing in, no man dares cut it down. I am sure there have been discussions though that it is not uniform, not as beautiful as the new area demands. Though it still stands alone in the field, allowing those that dare approach time to reflect, space to grow.

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Fantastic shot, beautiful color!


Thank you very much @daveks :)

nice shot & meaning of picture!

Great picture

Great shot as always. 👆 and resteemed

Beautiful photograph. I love how it looks as though the tree is on fire and smoke is escaping in the wind. The clouds of the sky and trees of the land can tell many stories!


Thank you. I like how a picture can tell different stories to each viewer. It makes it art.