Steemit Photo Challenge SPC#39 [ Entry 2 ] - Minimalism

in photography •  2 years ago


An abandoned paper mill.
There is something beautiful about a factory dissolving into history. Rusted steel and broken windows are all that is left of something that was bustling with activity for decades. It is unsure whether the fences are to keep people out or the rot contained inside. A simple picture but an emotive one that can be read in several ways and from many historical perspectives.

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Good shot!
I saw the top half only at first, I thought you had reached the limits of minimalism 8-).


The ultimate in minimal: A communist grey wall :D

How does one enter in this photo challenge? Do simply need to use the tag, "steemitphotochallenge"?


Check out @jamtaylor for all the rules but basically:

"Steemit photo challenge" in title
Tags - #photography #steemitphotochallenge

But check for all rules to make sure

Good luck :)


Thank you!