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We all have our own experience and perspective of life and even though we are connected and influence each other, each of us lives in our own little world. No matter how good or bad we think it, the gravity of our own experience will trump that of others, even if they are people we care about.


It is impossible to get out of our own experience, impossible to walk in another's shoes or their path. No matter how empathetic one believes themselves to be, what they are having is a reaction to the experience of another, not experiencing it themselves. Even if two people have identical experiences, each lives it and reacts to it in their own unique way.


This is part of the reason it is difficult to give advice on many topics because one cannot know how another will really react if they take it and what works for one doesn't necessarily work for all. There are of course many points of overlap though and having a general direction to start looking is potentially better than standing still frozen in indecision.


But ultimately, it is up to us as individuals inhabiting the truly lonely planet, our own experience, to decide what works for us and what doesn't. Outsourcing this to others who can at best only offer a rough line they believe is of best fit, will nearly always end in disappointed and scapegoating.


If however we make the decision to take advice from someone that lives in a different world, can we be upset if it impacts negatively on us? Getting wide perspective has a huge amount of value but if we do not know ourselves well enough, we are more likely to choose ideals that are not suitable for our abilities.

No matter how one looks at it, we should know ourselves better than anyone else can but is it the reality? What do we really know about our individual small worlds if we automate the decision-making processes to governments, corporations and algorithms that refer to us by numbers?

The photos were taken this afternoon of fallen autumn leaves in the park while my daughter was in the swing. Each was once attached to a single tree that branched overhead. Do you think that if they were self-aware, they would know the experience of the leaves on other branches? Would they feel the same about the wind, rain and sunshine? How about their inevitable demise?

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Deep thoughts. Maybe we do not know ourselves that well after all, or we fear the total realization of self that makes us opt for all the wrong things.

Great Photos by the way

the opt-in to the unsuitable is a big reason we are often disappointed with results I think.

Very well-written, @tarazkp, and very deep. You're right, I can only see you through my eyes and vice-versa, I can't know what it's like looking through your eyes.
i think one should strive to get to know himself/herself well enough to know what works and what doesn't. I think a big problem is that we expect someone else to solve our problems for us. Oh, Tom said I should do this so I will and then, when it doesn't work, we feel okay in blaming Tom. But Tom only ever could tell us what he'd do, you know?
I think most of us are afraid to know ourselves, to take responsibility.

Hmm, who says they're not self-aware?
And I'd say they probably feel the same about some things, just like we do, although they'd have different reasons to feel that way and different elements would impact them, surely.

yep, Tom, Uncle Sam, parents, friends, teachers, society... and then when it goes wrong, we have plenty of targets to blame.

The life of a leaf might be more interesting than we think if we consider the view from up there :)

Well said :)

You are so right, but why would a leaf want to know how the other leaf feels when even we humans don't want to know the feelings of our neighbor.

Perhaps they are more aware of their place in this world than we are.

You're right, some people are more disinterested than leaves falling down in autumn...

Damn, you can write well. But I believe wrote this was not always so? How did you learn to improve your skills in this aspect of your life. Any tips?

I just write a lot these days. I really only started when I began at steem. Practice?

This was beautifully written!

Thank you.

Water on the Leaves, but looks not like Water, but like a Diamond.

They do a bit :)

Indeed we should know ourselves better than others know us. However others can offer a fresh perspective from the outside that cannot be always seen from inside the thick of it. I can say this from personal experience. This can help us to grow. We do know ourselves better but we do not always have the better perspective in all situations. Thanks @tarazkp

We do know ourselves better but we do not always have the better perspective in all situations.

This is why it is good to surround oneself with wide perspectives that are trusted.

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