Travel with Tara : Trip to Pondicherry!

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Hello everyone!
It has been a long time since I posted anything on Steemit. It's been hectic lately with work and I couldn't even check the feed but I want to spend a little time now with you(before it gets too hectic again) and share some highlights from my trip to Pondicherry.
I went to Pondicherry (also called Puducherry or Pondi) with my best friend. It was a long weekend and he shows up and tells me "Let's go to Pondi"!. I'm always ready for an adventure and this was one hell of a trip!
Pondi is around 340 kms from where I stay and the ride was pretty good. Since it was a long weekend, we managed to find one hotel room 40kms from Pondi in a place called Villupuram. We rested and headed to Pondi in the afternoon. We were totally un-prepared and did not book any rooms for the next two nights. So we set out to Pondi and once we reached we checked into a guest house very close to the beach. We literally had a beach view and we could hear the sound of the waves crashing! It was bliss!
Auro Beach

The beach was very close the guest house. We drank our whiskey and chilled at the beach till it got dark. It was very peaceful. We came back to the room and minutes later the A.C stopped working. It's very hot and humid in Pondi, like really humid and A.C was very essential that day. We got a refund and went to a place nearby and checked in. The room was perfect and it was close to another beach.
Serenity Beach

After checking in, we decided to go sight seeing. There's not much to see except a few churches and beaches, although they are quite beautiful. We stopped by at Auroville.
Matrimandir at Auroville
Auroville is an experimental township and it is weird af. I'll write about it in the next blog.
Basilica of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
It was a beautiful church. I just love the architecture!
Statue of Dupliex in Rock Beach
Since Pondicherry was a French colonial settlement in India until 1954, some of the French legacy are still preserved.
Rock Beach
French War Memorial
The picture is very grainy. It was dark and I didn't have any other option.
Mahatma Gandhi Statue
It was the Indian Independance Day that day.
A mandatory picture of the road
It was an amazing trip and it's always fun when the trips are not planned. My friend's bike tire deflated not once, but two times. It was scary when it happened the second time since it was dark, but we got help. But I reached home safely at the end, so I won't complain. The trip was an ultimate escape from the tedious work. All we did was drink and eat and relax! All the places that I mentioned above are within 5 kms, so one day is all you need to check the whole of Pondi.
I will write a few more posts in the future about this trip since I have clicked a lot of pictures. :P
Have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you so much for reading! I post travel pics and some amateur art work. If you like my work, Please upvote, comment, resteem and follow! Steem on!


Awesome thanks for sharing! :D

Thank you for stopping by :)

Very very beautiful photo, you have good talent...
Up voted & follow

am very happy to see about my native place on steemit thank you @taraamin77 there are many nice places to see around pondicherry ping me next time on your visit

I had a great time!! :)

So that's where you've been!
Seems you had a blast :D

It was just one trip :P Yeah. It was fun :)

Looks like a fun trip, serenity beach seems so peaceful. What is your favorite beach you've ever been to? I found your post under the travel tag under new, here is the post I made there.

Nice pics @taraamin77 i love pondicherry iam from INDIA i stay in hyerabad

Thank you :) I love it too :)

very nice post as usual :)

really great awesome picture dear

Wow @taraamin77 i remember we were just discussing about Auroville and you went already i would like to see your story and pictures from it, bu the way, im planning to make a trip to Monument valley via las vegas route from cali. Any suggestion for places to visit? I might drop by antelope canyon and horseshoe something, and grand canyon and probably sedona

Yesss!!! I remembered you and I was like I have to check Auroville out! :P
All those places are just awesome! Check the Antelope Canyon in the morning or afternoon. Don't go there in the evening. It'll be dark inside.
Horseshoe Bend is a cool place. :)

O yes would go to those suggestion and also marble canyon, i might also try the wave at utah, trying to schedule a trip to antelope but its closed in october, if i may ask how long did you guys stay in monument valley isa 1 day enough?

I don't really remember :P I guess a day is enough.

Wow, never heard of Pondi before. Thanks for the post, will have to research more about this place. Followed 🐳! We do travel vlogs on YouTube and would like to make global connections on Steemit 🌎! Follow us back so we can be friends 🤗

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