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in #photography3 years ago

Just some random pictures of this cute little cat that I came across!
These were taken about 4 years ago.
She lives with my mom now.
I get to see her whenever I visit my mom.
I am not a cat person, but this little one( not so little anymore) stole my heart!




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Cute cat!

I love your photos and she's gorgeous @taraamin! :-D
High Paw!



High paw :P Thank you :)

Yeah! You're welcome! Tara!

Amazing post @tara thanks for sharing us i like your cate
i am following you and upvoted your post you can follow me at @zeeshankhan

If these photos are 4 years old, do you have any new photos of the cat? :)

Lovely cat ! nice sharing

Big cat lover here, she looks lovely!

I visited a french cat last week, a Chartreux who's favourite food is tomatoes 😁


(๑˃̵ ᴗ ˂̵)و

Aww! Yeah she's a nice cat! Better than my cat any day :P

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