It was one of those May days when the sun shined hot and the sea still cold

in #photography6 years ago (edited)

Hello everyone,

Consider this a late holiday photo report taken this May with the summer weather and the beautiful Adriatic coast. Even though the report is little late, I still want to share with u, cos I think it includes some nice shots that very well describes the early summer atmosphere.

Me, enjoying the nice weather with my soft denim top and hut. Well I am brown enough to expose my skin in the sun but I still wore shorts just to make it not too obvious. :D

There was so many tourists already but most of them haven’t swum yet cause of the cold water even though the weather was nice.

May just started, far away from summer but bars and restaurants are already crowded with tourists from all of the Europe.

This is a wonderful view above the town that u can get if u climb to the hill above the bay with a famous church St. Euphemia.

Hope you appreciate my photos

Till my next post

Come again, 😘


Cute and sleepy little village. Imagine being born in such a peaceful chilled out place! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Thank you so much.

Being born to that kind of place really is a gift.

gotta give props to that fantastic photography!

OMG ! these Picture are simply Awesome ! everyone wants holidays and spend some time to see the beauty of life but unfortunately it become too tough because of work . there is no time left for enjoyment sadly.

Thank you. :)

Don't make your work to serious. take a break and relax sometimes.

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