Ornamental Keladi Plants #1

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Plants are one of the most important things in this life, because their presence is very beneficial to living things in this world.

Because the body of each plant itself has a variety of extraordinary benefits contained in it, one of which is the content contained in the body both in the leaves and stems is a drug for humans. Then the color can also nourish someone's eyes when they see it.

Because there are so many benefits to its presence, some people adopt it, sometimes it is made as medicine and sometimes it is made as an ornamental plant which is placed on every page or terrace of someone's house.

Like this ornamental plant, people say it is an ornamental taro plant that has several different colors on each leaf. If we hear the explanation from ornamental plant breeders or the words of the experts. They call the ornamental taro plants a group of plants that belong to the genus caladium or the taro tribe, Araceae which grows and develops in every tropical forest or sometimes encountered in freshwater swamp areas.

Local people themselves, especially the Aceh region, call it in the vernacular taro or taro, often also used to refer to some other plants that are still related but do not include Caladium, such as taro or Colocasia. True taro rarely forms bulbs that grow and develop differently from keladi plants or other taro.

You will not be difficult to mark it because it has certain characteristics both in terms of leaves and in terms of the surface of the leaves. While the most common characteristic when meeting this plant is in terms of the shape of the leaves that resemble the symbol of the human heart or heart-shaped. The leaves are slippery because they contain a waxy coating, when you drop water on the leaves, the water will flow quickly, not stopping even a drop.

In general, the characteristics of these ornamental taro plants have characteristics that almost resemble both in terms of shape or form of growth, but the difference is the motives or different colors on each leaf. Ornamental Taro plants can grow as high as 1 meter and the width depends on the shape of the plant itself. Whereas other ornamental Keladi plants are in the form of large leaves and are often used as a boundary for someone's yard.

Then this plant has several benefits and sometimes has poison depending on the Taro plant species itself. Now to find out it will do mention in future posts.

Will be continued in future posts...
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