How big is this nature?

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Hi all!

Of course you and I are very understanding of this landscape, which means that nature is vast, but do you know what size this nature is?

Has anyone ever measured it, if any! What tools are used to detect the universe. But some people say that this vast nature is a very large and vast location so that it is said that "Nature is vast, as wide as the eye can see".

To get accurate results, of course, will not be there and be adjusted with certainty by each scientist, but even so this natural area number is also obtained from the results obtained from a mathematical formula.

But in this post I will not discuss the amount of natural size because it has data in accordance with the approximate formula that has been made by the scientists themselves. However, here we will explain the facts about the vast extent of nature.

Following the facts in terms of the object that is in nature itself, all right ... Let's follow the following presentation.

A measure of the speed of sunlight touching the earth

As explained above, it is very difficult to find exact numbers in detecting distances from this property. Let alone the extent of sunlight in penetrating it or when going through the process, it takes time even though the speed of light. Though the speed of light is the fastest in the universe, which is around 300,000 km per second in the earth's empty space, so when light enters the Earth's atmosphere it also takes a long time.

Scientists or scientific researchers say that, the distance of the sun and the earth is very far, which is about,

150 million km. Then the sun's light needs about 8 minutes and 20 seconds to get to Earth

So, if it happens or if the sun suddenly disappears in its circulation, then humans on earth will not immediately feel the impact. However, Kuta will only realize it 8 minutes 20 seconds later after the incident took place. This is due to the speed of light is very fast and can not be detected by tools created by humans.

Scientifically the sun is one of the biggest stars that is very close to the earth when compared with other stars that are above the natural atmosphere. Even though it is so close, it still feels very far from the distance between the sun and the earth. Then how vast is the universe.

So the earth alone has a very small size when compared to other stars, then what about the size of our body, of course we are one of the very small creatures. Therefore, it can be said that the universe is one of the most powerful locations so we cannot measure it with certainty, but we can only be vast. Thus it can be said that the vastness of the universe is "as wide as your eyes that see unlimited size".

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