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Gulab's flower is very beautiful and sweet flowers which are also bushy and thorny. The rose is called the King of flowers. More than 100 species of rose flower are found. Rose Day is celebrated every year on February 12. Gulab's flower is most loved among people for beauty and its softness. People plant a rose plant for beauty and smell in homes. Gulab's many medicinal properties are found. Gulab flower is used in many types of medicines. Gulab plants are found all over India. Rose leaves are dentate.


 The rose is found in many colors such as pink, red, yellow, white etc. Sun and water are needed to blossom the rose plant. When the flowers begin to flower on the rose tree, the butterflies and the butterflies start hovering around it. The beauty of the rose attracts everyone on its side. Apart from this, people show their love by giving flowers to their loved ones.

Gulab is used in many works such as making Gulabajal, its petals are made to grow. The people of Gulab flower are offered at the feet of God; besides this, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru of Gulab was also very dear to him. He kept it in his Sherwani. Gulab is also used in the whole world. Is not it rose flower

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