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@sykochica bonits flores. Muy primaveral

Nice Picture sykochica ! :D
We would love to invite you to our Discord server.
In here we have more artists for you to connect to and
the ability to promote yourself and your blogs. Keep on Steemin my friend !

The first flower is Silybum Marianum aka Milk Thistle. It has one of the most effective anti-oxidante ingredient. Well shotted pictures, thank you @sykochica

A very beautiful picture
I really miss you so much why why we no longer see you here
I hope you are fine

Nature is so diverse and gorgeous. My faves are the hibiscus and the kitty. ;) Keep smiling and Steem on!

People who love nature, they can love and love people.

Your natural photography really amazing.

Awesome pics. I haven't had the time to go out and take any pics lately. Between things going on at home, and work, there isn't enough time. Yup, love your photos, keep posting! :)

Beautiful colors! What does the obligatory kitty think?

@sykochica is back with a bang yay great to see your unique style posts :D awesome clicks

It is amazing what the new 'phones' will do. I carry one (without service, I have a flip phone), along with my camera, for waterproof-ness, and end up using it quite a lot due to quality.
Nice shots of plants and flowers, really brings out the color and detail in the petals and all. Also nice to see you back on the site.
Kitty does look a bit stoned, or at least having a large blast without any human help. Such fun.

@sykochica Very nice pictures.. All are captured by mobile?