Its presence is very beneficial to living things

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Nature is one of the places where there are various objects contained in it, one of which is to enrich natural art with colorful colors, so that its presence can make every creature love it both in terms of beauty and as a food source. The flower itself is a generative breeding tool for closed seed plants as we have understood, that is what I knew when I was in High School.

Then in the flower section itself there are various types of flowers that are very many, if we enter into the realm then there are parts in the flowers that each function in each part of the flower that functions in accordance with its physical. So that experts often discuss about it not only get answer material about the character and other things contained in the flower itself.

Flowers (FLOS) or flowers are sexual reproduction structures in flowering plants (divisio Magnoliophyta or Angiospermae, closed seeded plants).

So in that section there is a separate function, if not mistaken, that function to mediate the fusion of sperm or male gametes and ovules or often referred to as female gametes for seed production in the flower itself. Then in the flower there is also a flower arrangement on the stem so that it is biologically called flowering. In addition there are also reproductive organs or stamens and pistils which complement the development in the process.

In addition, people also mention compound interest. This understanding is a collection of flowers collected in one composition as you can see in the picture in this post. So in this context, the neat and beautiful flower units are compound flowers which are termed as florists, and this sentence is also not far understood by some people who observe them.

So in general lay the conclusion that the flower itself has a beautiful and charming charisma consisting of various components, both the stalk, leaves, crowns, and other things that exist in the flower itself.

When you look at flowers, some people draw the conclusion that flowers are identical to women, this has several reasons that focus on women, because women really love flowers. The main reason is that it is stored in something very romantic in terms of color, shape, and aroma in the flower itself. So that reason is said that flowers are identical to women, because women are beautiful, gentle, fragrant and other things that are in the soul of the woman herself.

If flowers are not created in this world, they will have a huge effect on the animals that are close to them, and that will have a huge impact on the lives of insects and also affect humans themselves, this is because besides having a form it is also a food source for any animal that happens to be directly related to flowers.

Humans themselves also feel that they will lose something important in their lives because believe it or not the earth is incomplete if plants such as flowers do not exist. Moreover, every flower has medicine and other things for human needs itself.

Thus a brief description of the flowers that have been present with us in this world, this sweet plant is a very important object in the world of this earth. Thanks.


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