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Roses is a kind of bush plant of the genus Rosa as well as the name of the flower produced by this plant. Wild roses are composed of over 100 species, mostly grown in the cool cool northern hemisphere. rose species are generally prickly shrubs or climbing plants that can reach as high as 2 to 5 meters. Although rarely encountered, the height of rose plants that propagate in other plants can reach 20 meters.

most species have leaves that are between 5-15 cm long with two or two opposites (pinnate). .a compound leaf that each stalk consists of at least 3 or 5 to 9 or 13 leaflets and leaf-shaped limbs (stipules) are oval, pinnate bone, tapered edges, tapered at the tip of the leaf and spiked on stems close to the ground. roses are not really tropical plants, most of the species are drooping all the leaves and only a few species exist in Southeast Asia that are always green leafy all year round.

the flowers consist of 5 pieces of crown leaves with the exception of Rosa sericea which only has 4 pieces of crown leaf. Among the colors that are owned by roses are white, pink, yellow and blue in some species. Ovari is at the bottom of the crown leaf and petals leaf .

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