It took 2 years to photograph this rare beast! These animals are threatened with extinction in the near future.

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Steemers, Along with the rampant exploitation of forests by humans that resulted in the threat of the existence of an animal species that exist in nature.

The animals with this small population are threatened with extinction in the near future. The greatest threat comes from the cruelty of the hunters. They sell leather, meat, ivory to rare animal children in the cross-country black markets.

Through the work of Tim Flach, a photographer from England. Documenting the existence of these rare animals, it took him 2 years to observe and get the right angle and aim the camera toward these rare animals.

Flach's photography works also awaken us if the rare animals are the most beautiful creatures on earth. The work also gives the message that everyone is aware that unique animals on the verge of extinction because of being hunted. Here's the pictures:

#1. Gorilla.

#2. Giant panda.

#3. Hammerhead shark.

#4. Indian Gharial.

#5. Iguana Marine.

#6. Iberian Lynx.

#7. Polar bears.

#8. Pied Tamarin.

#9. Red Panda.

#10. Snow Leopard.

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