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Very nice photo friend.


Hello @suziescorner. Thank you for sharing your photos.

Friendly Reminder:
1. If you shoot this photo yourself but share at other web site before post on Steemit, please remember to link back to the web site because Cheetah is very clever.
2. If you share someone else photos, please remember to link back the sources of the photos and add some value by adding your own thought or comment.

Photography Slogan: A camera that puts a world of possibilities at your fingertips. Literally.

Nice post, I follow you.


Thank you! A nice surprise at the red light😊


I thought he was too!! The trailer he was in had more horses. Maybe they had just bought them, nonetheless, he was a pleasure sight.

Oh how awesome, that is such a nice picture thanks for sharing.


Thank you! It made me smile when I looked over next to my car and he was looking right at me 😊😊