Colorful self- portraits using long exposure!

in #photography3 years ago (edited)

I was thinking of today's post to be on my favorite painters, but then I thought why not let the believers get to know my own photography?

A year ago, I rented an apartment that had great natural light and started experimenting a bit with my camera.


This is what I came up with. I am very much in love with the Impresionissm movement and especially Claude Monet. Unconsciously, using the camera I created self- portraits that stood in between painting and photography.


The above photograph is a a perfect example of the series, which I like to call "J' avais seulement des fleurs et d' amour delirant".


In order to create a colorful atmosphere I used acrylic paint on half of my body and went out to buy some new cuties at the corner of the building, where this old lady is selling the flowers she grows at home! Always help local businesses...!



Let me know on your impressions about the style and the composition. There is a story behing the series, but I would like you to have your own feelings on this!


See you soon!
Love xxx


What kind of camera do you use?

I am using a Nikon D90 @gurney

i think you have a great style and inspiration

your the kinda artist i'd like to collaborate with

I like your experiments, more please.

These are amazing @supernoval! I love the flowers and the paint ^^

i like the 4th one...#myfav

Looks amazing) very creative! Will follow you for more) see you

WOW very nice work! I will follow you because I want to see more like this :D

I want a photoshoot like this. when?

😂 Resteem this and you win a photoshoot by next week already @thebluepanda 😂😂😂

lovely pics! that's pratically "digital body art" ;)

These are amazing!!!! Love it! Waiting for more, following and upvoted:)

These are quite lovely! The long exposures give them an ethereal nature.

Thank you @shawnamawna for you insights. I am always smiling when someone is really having a look at my posts!

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