Matera - inside the caves! Check this out!

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Come on in!


Here is just a picture of the city, typically it all looks like this:) very Mediterranean and Italian! However...

The cave homes!


So, not so long ago, the people of matera lived inside caves, just like this one. Up to 11 people lives inside here! The children would pull out the drawers and take shifts to sleep, whilst younger / older children may share the bed with the parents. This is what it looked like



Most people would probably want a kitchen that looks like this! You can see how they used to live and eat



They would utilise any space possible, and live within their means.

The crazy part

People are still living like this, in Italy, into the late 70s! Less than 50 years ago, and many are still alive. No pipes for water, gas or electricity, no cars, nothing modern at all, and only 40 years ago. Horse and karts, and old style of life!

Hope you all enjoyed this post!

Next up, a beautiful church!

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