Day of mountain biking! Queenstown, New Zealand

in photography •  3 months ago

Overlooking the gorgeous lake Wakatipu :) My favorite!


The best view! Ben Lomond mountain :) I did climb this a few months after :)


Pull over for a break and admiring my current situation :)


Can just about make out the snow capped Southern Alps :) beautiful day!


Me posing with my bike - loving every second!


This was one of the most fun I've had! Taking a gondola up to the top and screaming down on an amazing bike, on pro tracks! Was such a great experience as I has always wanted to do it :)

Peace everyone! :)

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excelenteeeeeeeeeeeeee amigo de steemit, guao te doy mi voto.... felicidades.

Resteemed. Oh wow ! The beauty, the scenery, the vibes! Sensational in every way what an incredible experience, thanks for steeming your New Zealand experience. I LOVE the great outdoors and this is certainly that!😍🍀🌴💚🌅


Aw thank you so much! 😀 also thanks for the great meaningful comment:) I’m glad you like it! It sure is the great outdoors! Amazing! My soul got so recharged :) ❤️🌅⛰💧

Excellent photographs at Ben Lomond mountain ..i would love to come and visit this place..Good posing & great capture of the beauty ..You captured the whole world and the moments in few clicks 👍👍👍


Thank you! 😀


Thanks so much! 😀


Welcome 😊

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