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If you can dream it, you can build it ;)

In addition to the exterior all the interior elements and even the furniture will be placed upside down.
It's a definite tourist trap :D

Hope you like it!
Feel free to use my images, no need to ask :)
Questions about photography are welcome!
Upvote, comment, resteem and follow if you like!
Have a great day!

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Is that real ?
It's crazy!!

Definitely an eyecatcher!

yes it's real, that's why I took the pictures :P
Once it's open I'll get some shots from the inside :D

Looking forward to them pictures :P Looks very interesting!
A tourist trap indeed! :P


Really cool. :0)

Yeah, it is! :)

In Wertheim, Germany is one too. ;)

Cool! Upsidedown people are all around :D

lol a trap

It must be :D

Very original this home. People who pass by must go mad seeing this

Yeah! :D

Good that you post it, all together we can lift it up the other way round 🏠. That would be so much fun, of course we only wanted to help :D

lol :D

the real meaning for this constructions


That's interesting.Would love to visit it atleast once..
upvoted !!

Thank you!

It sure is a tourist trap 🤣
Amazing concept and vision
Share the inside pictures too

I will once it's open to the public!

I know this place ,really dope shots 🙂❤


Im from Latvia ,so we are neighbor 🙂

latvian name + latvian red steem logo = latvian :D
Hi neighbour!

Yes yes ,we need stick together 🙂

Wow, so crazy! A different point of view ;)

Different for sure ;)

Wow, that's fantastic. Wonder how inside is like.

I'll take some photos once it's opened :P

Thanks in advance

No problem, but it will take at least a month before it's opened :D

Not sure if I want to ever live in this house,
or this planet... o.o

It's a common trait among Gods that they don't live on the Earth...
Hi @carry0n :D

True that, thanks for reminding me I have options ^_^

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