Locusts (Grasshopper)

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![]() f/7 -- 11/50 -- 300mm --- ISO100 II Nikon D3000

In the traditional Indonesian story, especially in the Malay tribe, fable tales of grasshoppers are recorded. One of them erdapat in the story 'Watu Belah Watu Betangkup' (Stone Belah).

The story begins with the economic crush of a poor family. Since there were no more side dishes, the father took the initiative to catch grasshoppers as food. However, due to the carelessness of his wife, the locust came back loose. The husband immediately rebuke him, while the children crying hunger.

Finally, the mother cut a little meat on her body instead of grasshopper. After all the children and her husband are full, then he went quietly leave the house until finally to a big rock called the stone.

In addition, the insect is called the Qur'an twice in the story of Prophet Moses in the letter of Al-Araf verse 133, and in Sura Al-Qamar verse 7. Both of them tell about the punishment given by Allah to the infidels (Pharaoh).

Morphology of Grasshopper

Grasshopper has a body shape consisting of 3 main parts, namely head, chest (thorak) and abdomen (abdomen). The grasshopper also has 6 foot jointed, 2 pairs of wings, and 2 antennas. Long rear legs used for long and high jumps with a distance of up to 1.5 meters.

Grasshoppers also have sharp hearing, though they have no ears. The grasshopper is almost called the tympanum and lies in the abdomen near the wing. The Typnpanum is a large round disk consisting of several parts of the processor and has a nerve used to monitor vibrations from the air.

In addition he has 5 eyes (2 compound eye and 3 ecelli). These wooden locusts include insect animals that breathe using the trachea, and enter into a group of broad frame animals (exoskeleton). The adult female locust has a larger size than the adult male mantis with an average body weight of 2-3 grams.

Classification of Grasshopper

Kingdom: Animalia - Phylum: Arthropoda - Subtitle: Mandibulata - Class: Insecta - Ordo: Orthoptera - Family: Acrididae - Genus: Valanga - Species: Valanga nigricornis (H. Burmeister, 1838)

![]() --- f/4.5 --- 1/80 --- 185mm --- ISO100 --- NIKON D3000

![]() --- f/5.6 --- 1/60 --- 300mm --- ISO200

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