Lavender Flower at Night

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NIKON D3000: f/1 -- 11/160 -- 300mm -- ISO: 800

Lavender Flower (Lavandula) is one of the most useful flowers. In the supernatural world of Indonesia, it serves as a tranquilizer of the inner atmosphere. With the achievement of calm, then the supernatural actors can accelerate the process of transition to the realm of the spirits, known as the science of 'meraga sukma'.

In addition, lavender is believed to be one of the ingredients of herbal medicine, among others: acne treatment, mosquito repellent, eczema healing, skin detoxification, burns, facial cleanser and many others.

One of the herbal facial cleansers recipes with Lavender flowers is quite easy. Boil the lavender flowers about 1 grip with 100 ml of water to boil. Then chill and separate the water with the remaining flowers in room temperature. Boiling water is put into a spray bottle and store for 6 hours in the refrigerator.

For use, spray lavender water onto a cleansing cotton wet, wipe it on the face. Do it regularly in the morning after washing your face.

NIKON D3000: f/1 -- 61/160 -- 300mm -- ISO800

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