how are things on steemit today ?

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I've been away for almost a year from steemit thinking of coming back and start making pictures again, but not really sure if it's worth the time again .

I still have my cameras and lenses , and i've almost completed the task of cleaning up my photo archive when i started it was +/- 1.3 TB [+/- 125.000 files ] i always kept most images to learn from failures , and now it's time to move on and make new mistakes.
right now i'm down to 56.842 files and a total of 531GB
but i still need to digitize old negatives if i find the time and the right equipment.

I bought a new NAS [network attached storage] for the techies it's a Synology DS 918+ with 2x 10 tb hard drives, that is also capable of doing other tasks besides file sharing on my network, maybe even my own steemit bot who knows what futures might bring ;)


But enough of me again what has changed here on steemit , besides the wallet separation ?

How will the new european laws effect steemit ? upload filters for example

couldn't really find a patch note list.

images creeated by me with one of my Sony Camera's probably the sony a7 II + a helios lens


Welcome back Mick ! 😊

Hi Barbara , thank you

steem needs you to come back!

there's way to little original content and way too much (d)app-lication on this chain lately!

ha ha , yeah i still have a box with googley eyes that i need to put to some good use , just activated optic fiber here so i could technically start hosting things like a bot , just not sure if it's worth my time

Ben je dat spel begonnen te spelen wat Uwe zei? (NextColony)
Bij mij werkt het al niet meer en wou weten of het bij jou wel werkte...

nee denk ook niet dat ik daar tijd in ga stoppen momenteel, maar Uwe gaf al aan dat ze een Discord channel hadden misschien dat je daar kunt vragen hoe en wat , of is het spel al verboden in Belgie dat zou ook nog zomaar kunnen net als lootboxen ;)

browser geschiedenis en cookies gewist en hij deed het weer...

I am so pleased to see you posting again. I've missed your wonderful photography.(U/R)

thank you Trudee , i'll try to get out of the house gain more often with camera when i've completed here with internet and backups on the NAS .

Welcome back - not sure on the EU rules on uploads stuff - assume steemit inc does not really give a penny on that but the company is anyway only the driver behind the blockchain and this social media thing is working as before - not sure social platforms will have a future anyway on blockchains, blockchains are designed for more, the DApps are going well and especially Games right now - hence I heavily invested Steem in two of the Games here on the blockchain, the content platform is a side thing I would say - but a good one as it keeps people together.

Thank you Uwe , i do recall some card game and a fitness tracker last year didn't think they would last that long, but then again i didn't expect that memes would last that long either, all the crazy things people do to get some money these days.

what games are you in to on steemit , the only games i play myself at all are WOW or FPS games on the PC :)

Steemmonsters is huge and the best thought one here - the guys behind even implementd steem-engine where you create own tokens - what we expected from Steemit Inc as SMTs - more or less. I invested some thousands into Stemmonsters - new Game from some Germans is next colony - lanched yesterday. Memes is what always will work on social platforms i fear lol

is this the Germans game ? not really an inviting splash page could use some info about what it is ;)

Yes - a space strategy game - feel free to check their Discord:

or ask @oliverschmid @jarunik @rondras @holger80

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Good grief! Is it you, Mick?!!!!!!!!!!!
Good to see you here! Found this by accident... Hope to see you back :)

i might be back one day , still not really in posting mode

Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick! I'm still planing to kidnap your camera!

don't the plane ticket will cost you more then a new camera

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Welcome back. If it's worth your time is what you expect from it.

You could ask to be a betatester for Appics and post your photo's with help of it.

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