hardware upgraded...

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One of those days that you need to upgraded the hardware to keep on moving , took me long enough to get the money
but at least now i should be able to game and photoedit my stuff again.

upgrade nr 1: 32"4k hdr Monitor LG
upgrade nr 2: 16 GB memory DDR4 3200 Mhz
upgrade nr 3: Mainboard with AMD x570 chipset
upgrade nr 4: New AMD Ryzen 3700x CPU

it's the first upgrade in years should keep me going for +/-3 years or more , only thing i don't understand is all those RGB leds making your pc look like a red light district whore house.

still looking for a way to tunr them off :D




Hardware upgrades depend on your needs, what you use your PC for?

as stated in the article Gaming and phot editing for now , and maybe in the future 4k video editing

I was wondering about what kid of software you specifically needed. There are some that require a rather expensive pc, others have milder requirements.

games : World of warcraft , GTA-5, destiny-2, cirties skylines,

photoediting : lightroom

and for down sizing 4k right now i use Handbrake

How cool, I'm trying to learn Lightroom by my own but it has been difficult to get a good newbie material, can you recommend me any?

i learned it mostly trial and error , i'm unable to learn things like that from a book, i started using it somewhere in 2009 i think, switched to different programs in between like gimp , AfterShot Pro and rawtherapee

I'll just bump ahead and start trying as you did then😊

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