Episyrphus balteatus / marmalade hoverfly

in photography •  last year


the marmalade hover fly is only 9 - 12mm long
you can approach them very easy if you make sure you don't cast any shadow on them.

And you don't want shadows on your subject anyway .

camera used : Sony A6000
lens used : reversed Rokkor 28mm 3.5 manual focus no tripod
settings f 8 iso 125 1/125

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Amazing little creature! Thanks for sharing!

hello Mick... welcome to Steemit!!!! nice to see your her!!!


hi there , thank you i just joined yesterday , started posting some things need to see what people like / dislike here will take time to build new audience :)

Nice photos!

@stresskiller perfect colors and composition. Upvote, follow and Resteem. Thanks for great works🙂

Very nice Macros, as always Mick...Welcome on Steemit :)


good morning Chrissy , thank you and good to see you here , but then again where there is one you will find the other too ;)