You Aren't Always What You Are Fed - [ART][PHOTOGRAPHY][LIFE]

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'Blossom and Triumph'

In This Life

I am reposting this picture and the message I came up with for the image because I think more people need to see it and read it.

I took this image from a Canon T3i and edited it in photoshop. This image had so many views on that I thought I would repost it one more time here on and spread this message again.

Let me know what you guys think about it and its meaning. Re-steem it if you do like it.

Full Steem Ahead


They try so hard to feed us all this weird stuff without thinking about how can it effect our life.

Great photography.Thanks for sharing it

I really loved how you mixed the tittle with the quote!! and ended totally right!!!

much love<3

Here is one mine:


Nice shot and glad you noticed

My photowork for you

When everything seems to be going against you remember that an airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.dy_mtkGI6zFk_j6QQ3_sLL6Pte6s8DtJFeVFFeAiRlbntW8P5xL83W1QqjEaL5tq5rPKULN39tBdm7QA_DureAWTwQkrabC70tbC_bayPeoIA7i9pWLFWvdunA52v63cf0gQZm2hyMd2Hg=w443-h332-nc.jpg

Btw thanks for the great speech .
I like it and also appreciate it.
Again thanks for sharing the post @streetstyle

Love the meaning, it suits perfectly
No matter how dark and grey the winter is, spring will come and you'll blossom like the flowers.
A different meaning, what do you think?

When humans are good, we give ourselves license to be bad.

A parallel might be drawn between the transcribers cheating in order to give more money to charity, and the organizers of the male-only dinner hiring hostesses for titillation, in order to increase the appeal of the event and drive up donations. But there are problems using this theory to explain instances of sexual assault. Moral licensing only applies when the bad behavior can be self-rationalized as good—or, at least, ambiguous.

Man is the only animal whose desires increase as they are fed; the only animal that is never satisfied...

everything in life has a purpose, sometimes we are told that you can not swim with the flow but if we do not try, we do not know if it could be achieved

Maybe you can choose such a value "Beauty can be seen in everything"

Sir Many Beautifully Flower ..I am fully impressed ..amazing Photography sir.& Very good art

photography is very nice, and very interesting, I really like post @streetstyle, friends if there is time to visit my blog.

From what I can interprete, it's like these flowers does not have the best of soils and grew in unfavorable conditions, what I can really say is that it's sometimes we are being misled, misinformed by a probably the circumstances that surrounds us, but no matter what, we still turn out good in the end

Yes @josediccus That is an old toilet bowl in the background with grass and flowers growing in and around it. And yes, sometimes we don't get all the nurturing we need, just like those flowers, but yet they still blossomed beautifully and so can we.

You have to be positive so just in that way the life we will give you great things, that's my opinion. Regards

Life is short and most valuable gift.... nature is another best gift of God .... love the life .... love the nature of beauty... always keep smiling ..... life is more beautiful..... colourful..... charming like flower....

Excellent charging for the mind. You can choose many options. I think my photo name is "Life balance".

Great thoughts....the image itself ask to rethink to us...thanks for sharing

Oh yeah @streetstyle, great photo and I think it means that the beautiful can be everywhere and always!

Maybe the photo has the meaning "Life path".

Hi @streetstyle, are you a photographer?

I do it as a hobby but occasionally my work actually gets praise and has even been published.

Wow, you are great. To me the most fun job is a paid hobby. How about you?

Bereh. Pat ka poto bungoeng nyan, di blang padang nyoe?

Beautiful picture. I love the results of your photos.

Apparently you are a photo editing. I also often edit photos with photoshop.

Good evening @streetstyle, I think that if someone does something inappropriate, you just ignore it, it's better that way, than to have a grudge and collect revenge.
Let's leave the bad out of our lives and continue being ourselves.
Ignore, for me it is the best.

wow that's a great photography...

thanks for again,, upvoted and resteem...

your flower really very fantastie.i like it.your thought very perfect and pure.always showing excellent shots photography.just lovely blossom flower..i love you very much.i have a garden in my home.very well done my dear friend @streetstyle

thank you for resending. good art

Like you the post, i love you my friend

Ja gan lupa vote punya aku, kamu sunggu baik hati, terimakasih

Bagus banget artikel kamu @streetsyle, i like you

Black people Don't know, what is the judgment.
they only know that, "nothing else, only I'm perfect ". how funny.....
Hey dear,just I wanna say, you did well photography. cause here only mind satisfaction good enough. So I like your photography and enjoying for your repost steemit platform.
thanks for the share...
upvote + resteem done

I love Photography, photography is my life @streetstyle


Good information 👍 thank you

photography life is the best life as we have every movement of nature captures

Don't ever let somebody tell you ... you can't do something. Not even me. All right? You got a dream. You gotta protect it. People can't do something themselves, they want to tell you can't do it. If you want something, go get it. Period.

Just Say ...................
I AM beautiful
I AM wise
I AM capable of anything

I AM someone who makes things happen
I AM a powerful creator
I AM filled with faith
I AM blessed
I AM grateful

I am connected
I am God
I am more than my body
I am a powerful spirit


If you believe you are powerful… If you believe you are capable of achieving great things – you will attempt great things.

If you speak into your life resilience, and determination to overcome anything – you will be ready to FACE, and overcome anything.

beautiful photography on art.

Kira kira kah na kajak jumat uronyo, kajak ju bek juet ku kaplat

Engkau bagai air yang bersih, jadi segera lah mandi

Gupugah le tu gku kamo dro kuh that gantrng, ka vote le sigo, bek rugo loen

Kamu seperti puisi, jadi saya tidak tahu puisi

Bak bungong nyan lagee ta di rumoh lon sang. Pue ka ka cok le kah bak bungong lon.

Nice post
Very very good

Mantap duana punya na kamu na artkkel na

for me the picture is amazing. very nice

Good picture. it looks like a thousand answers in that picture.I follow you

Jadi seperti kamu, seperti mimpi saja

Interesting post, excellent photography, @streetstyle.

Fantastic photography
Amazing photography.thanks for the this blog.

its a very perfect photoshot..........with a great theme of our life......its also a big inspiration for us......we should never be hopeless......thanks for your nice share.....

wow lovely photography...thanks for sharing

Life is all about creating the way we imagine off we have the creativity beneath us and the world is a Picasso of it

surely had a great meaning to it and thanks for sharing it bro resteemed

I like post you , karrna post you is the best

its all about the potential we have every moment is an opportunity

Excellent post with awesome words loved its ingenuity :)

that's how the young entrepreneurs work the difficult situation makes them the best

it take courage to do that but if we believe we can do anything

that has some magic to it beautiful that is so cool :)

Feeding shit to people is the main purpose of the world existence, just do what you want, whatever happens.

Do whatever you want to do leave the world it's less to give🤗🤗😇

Beautiful meaning it has got to it only creative person see the best of it :)

Excellent image with a good quote there that's why its breaking the internet

and people who have faced the worse can create magical things happen

Your status is good hopefully can entertaining the lovers of steemet you may succeed in steemet..steemet extraordinary

Your status is good hopefully can entertaining the lovers of steemet you may succeed in steemet..steemet extraordinary

Very good photography Thank you for the valuable participation I liked this excellent publication very much

inner beauty matters a lot, this world always try to let down you ,, always stand for your dignity

Both the image and the quote is indeed beautiful.

Life does lets us go through difficult situations but we need to hang on and keep on going .

Wise words buddy.

Nice post
Very very good

the picture is very inspired but I am confused mikirnya, your idea is very creative streetstyle

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