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in photography •  last year

Here are my entries for week 57

Entry No. 1

The art of Chinese Face Mask Changing. This artist has something extra in his performance, he adds fire to his arsenal of tricks.

Entry No. 2

fort .jpg

Every chinese city will have their main entrance whereby the guards will guard the fort. This fort will be the main entry into the city and also to protect the city from any attacks.

Entry No. 3

enter the dragon.jpg

The dragon is a mythical creature and also known to be very auspicious. The mark of success is often linked to the dragon. In the past, the emperor is the only person allowed to wear clothes that has the picture of a dragon.

It is my pleasure to submit my entry into this competition.

I use my Canon 70d with beginner level lens 55-250 mm

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Wow the first and 3rd photo is phenomenal. Crazy shit.

Dude the fire part and the black backdrop is like super

The first one is super nice, and I only watched once for the Chinese Face Mask Changing performance once without fire :( So cool!

These are amazing!!!!


U making me blush

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When I grow up, I wanna take photos like you.


When i meet u i want to buy u a drink.

I think the first picture should have won--- AMAZING!