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Rhossili Gower Sunflowers
The National Trust planted these fields of sunflowers at different locations around Wales this year what a photographic treat, hope they repeat it again.

Rhossili Gower Sunflowers - by steve j huggett.jpg

Swans On The River Towy
I was up at my local locations at Drsylwyn Castle, on this day the swans just lined up!

3 swans river towy - by steve j huggett.jpg

Penclawdd Front on The Gower
Just been to my physio and made my way down to the quay and caught the end of the sunset, what a way to end your day?

Penclawdd Front gower - by steve j huggett.jpg

Hot Air Ballon Towy Valley
For years I have wanted a shot like this.
hot air ballon towy valley - by steve j huggett (3).jpg

Dryslwyn Towy Valley
This is my closet location for capturing a good sunset when I can' make it to the beach.
Dryslwyn towy vallley sunset - steve j huggett.jpg

What I use

Nikon D7200.
Sigma 18-300m
Software Adobe Lightroom.
Taken by Steve J Huggett.

Thank you

I appreciate you taking time to read this post and viewing my photos. I hope you enjoyed them. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Image © Steve J Huggett. All Rights Reserved.

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Thanks @manorvillemike Looking forward to getting even better ones this year!