Climbing with a view

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The wonderful view from our climbing spot last friday in Mottarone, Italy.


For a better view I also split it in three parts



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Wow! This is just awesome :)

Thanks to you too! :)

Breathtaking Photography - I hope you are getting paid for your work - aside from STEEMIT ! Check out my photography as well @krytonika

Thank you! I earn something with photography but not a lot, unfortunately! hehe

Well let's see if we can CHANGE the PAYOUT for you so you can make more than 20 cents. Bare with me - I'm going to send this all over social media, Promote it and boost it for you - If it works - All I ask is that you resteem just one of my posts and pay forward to someone else some day.

Not necessary to do either - I am going to help you out and this post regardless because I love the pictures and content - Hopefully others will follow my lead @stegis

thanks a lot!

great pictures. what kind of camera?

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II :)

Anytime!! How does $4.76 look so far compared to .20 ? Just getting started my friend - I'll help you get paid for the awesome photography you took :)

Wow! How did you do that? :)

look to the right under the last picture. you will see a square that says promote.

:) I simply promoted it with some SBD - small amounts atva few different times, posted it on other social media channels and used @booster for some added help - it probably cost me 1.5 SBD in all but turning .20 into $6.66 seems to be a fair payoff - you've got 4 days to go - let's see if we can't bring it up to $10 for you :)

Wow, I didn't knew that we can do that. I guess there is something new to learn every day!

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super shot, love panoramas :) Keep it up!

Thankyou! :)


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Nice post buddy ! upvoted


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Thank you!

Mottarone is definitely added to my todo-list :)

  • Garda & Torbole was a lot of fun too.

Yes! In northern Italy there are a lot of great climbing spots!