Visit Portugal - Idanha-a-Velha, Castelo Branco


Idanha-a-Velha small village in the municipality of Castelo Branco. It occupies a place of enhancement in the context of the archaeological stations of the country.


When you arrive at Idanha-a-Velha you can observe the monumentality of the walled fence, its turrets, and Porta Nova 1, which allows access to the interior of the village. The wall has an oval shape, with a length of about 745 m, being known 2 entrances and 7 defensive towers, 4 semicircular and 3 quadrangular. The built heritage of Idanha-a-Velha is the result of the presence of numerous peoples who settled there, and have been adapting and reformulating the spaces and buildings over the centuries of territorial occupation.


Today, the historical richness of this peculiar village, situated on the banks of the Ponsul River, is the root of its revitalization. From here operates a Creative Industries Incubator that welcomes and stimulates creativity from artists around the world.

In the surroundings, the landscapes feed the agricultural activity, increasingly in biological environment. It innovates from tradition. This same tradition is celebrated at the Casqueiro Festival. Inspired by the village communal oven, available to the friendly population and visitors, it promotes the typical bread and cakes of the region.




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