The light! 🙌🏽

in #photography4 years ago


I don’t really need words here. The pictures speak for me. I had so much fun goofing around and model training with my friend.


Grateful 🙏🏽 pc 📷 @sean-king


Woooooow... thank you dear friend 💗 very beautiful

Stunning! Wow we live in paradise!!

We really do! It’s crazy beautiful here most days.

Can you please look bad in one of your photos??? Lolol

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Awe, that’s a sweet sideways compliment @sergiomendes 😘 trust me I have tons more photos turn out less than great vs great. We all do! So we delete those and only share the best. But I get it... then it creates the false impression that some folks only/ always look fabulous. Don’t fall for it with me or anyone else. We’re all human and flawed and awkward most of the time.

Ohhhhh yeah I got over "Internet beauty" long time ago. But I get what you mean.

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Intense... ahm... sky ;-)

It was a fun day :)

Love these shots perfect! Amazing light in these and cracking colour. Nice giraffe tattoo 😎 💯🐒

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