Just being...

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My intention here is not to PURPOSELY trigger or offend, but it’s also to NOT AVOID everything that might somehow be triggering to someone somewhere. Walking on tiptoes and eggshells all of the time is bullshit. Living my life forever scanning for who might be offended by me just being real, and then hiding and watering myself down protectively and proactively to avoid offending anyone is a waste of my time and energy.


I'm just happy. Doing my thing. Watching other Steemit folks doing their thing ✌🏽

Just being...


Just be for me please, I don't know if I would love you this much otherwise. You don't offend anyone because "offence is never given, it's always taken". Learnt that from @sean-king. And that pose.... 😉

What else could feel better than "to be" if being is everything?...and who is there to be offended? 😉

Truly there is none to be offended 😂 . These are simply musings of my ego and honestly I wrote this over a year ago when I was wrangling with her illusions more.

Just be for me please, I don't know if I would love you this much otherwise. You don't offend anyone because "offence is never given, it's always taken". Learnt that from @sean-king. And that pose.... 😉

Quoting the Master...I love it. Thank you 🙏🏽 For that pertinent reminder. Thank you for your continued support here. I really like you :-)

You must do this, what you want.
People says more and more. Whatever you go on your way

Always looking flawless. If people get offended with the human body there is something wrong with them ehehe

Thank you honey. 😊👌🏼

One of your best photos ever! I love everything about it, down to your toenail peeking out of the shoe 😍😍😍

Thank you, dear. I’m so glad to know you like it. As I said on IG your art inspired adding the shoes here and the position of my legs/feet in this shot.

Know what else is weird? I just caught a glimpse of the very top of the picture (crop it - only seeing the top 2-3 rows of blocks) and it reminded me of your Tarot display at the temple of the secrets! That was not planned, but it’s amazingly coincidental and I can’t not see it now!

Yes, the resemblance is striking, and I had thought about it too... just didn't want to always go on and on about my tarot. Your pose reminds me of several of the figures and with your hand at the broken bricks, its almost as if you (with the power of the magician) are braking through the cycle and sort of freeing yourself... ok, sounds like I'm repeating myself (again) 🤪

Hope I don't sound like I'm babbling endlessly about the same thing and won't have to come back to edit my comment like the other day.. sometimes I write something late at night. Don't know how that is for you, but at that time I am often in a different frame of mind and (so called) reality begins to shift... the next morning I realize, that I didn't have a (private) conversation with you, but anyone else who chooses to read that... basically the rest of the world 😱

And then, it doesn't worry me, what I might tell (you), but what that does with others. H.R. Giger once said, that his art "attracts a lot of weirdos".. well, its not as if he wasn't one himself, but even he didn't want to inspire certain people to bug him with their ideas...

Anyways, I wish we could meet some day and talk face to face... How about building a spiritual center in Puerto Rico with the "Temple of the Secrets" as part of it? You could add a yoga section too!

That is so exciting to me that you see/saw the similarity as well. And then you added even more for me suggesting the symbolism of the broken bricks and breaking through cycles towards freedom/liberation?! I can see that now that you’ve planted the seed in my mind, and you know those are life themes for me! Thanks for contributing that idea and making this image even more meaningful for me now 🙏🏽

You don’t have to hold back with me ... I know what your passions are and never tire of hearing someone speak from that place within them. And then you and I have overlapping interests and ways of expressing them. You’re a soul brother. We will meet one day 👌🏼

Just being you is a magical concept in a world of triggered beings.
Keep Shining.
I wish you all good things.
In Light and Love.
Giant Hugs<3<3<3

I support your thinking, to be honest you pay dearly. You have to be yourself without caring about anything.

I am so, so, so, so not offended.

I hope you paid for the glass bricks you broke ;)

We own everyone of those bricks including the already broken ones. No worries 😉

No offense taken here! You worked hard for your body. You owe no one anything. If people are n issue, let them move on... no one forces them to open the post!

You do you!

Also, simply stunning place, to shoot, too! Gorgeous light, gorgeous bod!
Love the ink!

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