Maybe the best photo I've ever taken?

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Although I'm not a huge user of Facebook these days, I do love the memories feature as generally brings back some great memories. Note to Steemit...a similar feature would be pretty amazing!

Something that popped up today was a photo I took at a Superbikes meeting at Brands Hatch here in the UK.


This got me thinking. Is this the best motorsport photo I've ever taken?

Saturation...tick (I think)
Exposure...tick (I think)

Although I've spent a few pounds (lots and lots of them), this photograph was taken with the cheapest camera and cheapest lens I've ever purchased. I think there's a valuable lesson for me here (and others). This also relates to the silly amount of guitar gear I've bought in the past.

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It's is a good picture. It's always tempting to buy more gear, but experience and practice are vital to get good results. Beware of GAS (gear/guitar acquisition syndrome).

Damn nice shot

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