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in #photography5 years ago

All original photos taken with my Samsung galaxy 8+

Zoom action - An upclose and personal shot of Sal the Salamander.

Meet Sal he was our family pet on vacation in Stowe, Vermont this past weekend.

My son was a huge fan of Sal.


Took a video of Sal chilling with me by the pool... while my son triwd to track down a frog. Oh how I love that he loves nature too.


Much love my Steemians. More pics of the trip to come. Sal needed his own post!

Starsteem Out




wow, the salamander such tiny, and it looks gorgeous too.
It's color is like a flame salamander in anime :D

Thanks for the comment. He was such an awesome little guy. Very chill and liked hanging out on your hand or arm while in the shade of the sun. His color was amazing which is why i had to take so many shot of him... there are some many more pics I have. lol

nice resolution!

Thank you! Cheers

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