# 📷My random photo series

in #photography4 years ago

📷My random photo series


Hello everyone!

How are you doing now for friends who are in steemit, hopefully keep the spirit in writing. Well this flower does look very small and I think it is very difficult to make to present this picture more leverage because I am not 📷photography, but I still always try to do my best though until now not maximal.

Bagaimana kabar sekarang buat sahabat yang ada di steemit, semoga tetap semangat dalam menulis. Baiklah bunga ini memang terlihat sangat kecil dan menurut saya sangat susah untuk membuat agar hadir gambar ini lebih maksimal karena saya bukan lah 📷photography, namun saya tetap selalu berusaha melakukan yang terbaik meskipun sampai sekarang belum maksimal.

Both of these photos I took with the camera xiaomi note 4x camera and I always use the additional lens on the camera.

Kedua foto ini saya mengambil dengan camera smartphone xiaomi note4x dan saya selalu menggunakan lensa tambahan pada camera tersebut.

I have never forgotten for Brother @lightsplasher, I hope that I will be a successful person. I am also very happy to see the latest from my brother in your success, brother.


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