Seashell Mushrooms

in #photography4 years ago

What? What is a seashell mushroom you ask? It's one of these.
I'm a builder by trade, it's an art thing I guess. I can't seem to leave things alone. I go to the beach, see a seashell, then another, l'm compelled to rearrange them into something other than just a shell in the sand.
Why is that? I don't know. A.D.D.? Maybe. O.C.D? Possibly that too. But why just let the shell sit there lonely, lost, when his friend is sitting rigjt next to him asking to be brought together in a picture. On the island there is always some stick, log, tree, trash, always something new floating in on the tide.

Pick them up, rearrange them, stack one here,one there and viola, instant surf shack on a cloudy day.

What else is there to do anyway? I could perhaps actually write a posting on steemit and get 1/10 of 1% of a steem token for my troubles. Yes I could do that being as it has been 10days since I've done so. I guess I've lost the lure of the platform and question my sanity in regards to the entire cryptocurrency market. Good thing I'm an eternal optimist because all I've sern with steem, bitcoin, and the like is almost a solid year of downward / sideways followed by more sideways downward trends, triangles, curves, and so on.
What does it all mean? You tell me. Is there any hope? Always, if not you might as well just dig your grave and jump in it. So what's next? Don't know that either. There is an old adage of things that go up, going down so I guess the opposite must be true as well. Yes for me it appears steemit is in decline, the overall crypto market is also, but wait, that's not all, for just 3 easy payments of 19.99 we'll throw in an extra token of appreciation if you'll just vote on my posting within the next 30 minutes. And if that's not enough we'll also include this easy to dicipher cryptographic head scrambler for voting now..
Yes, I've lost my ever loving mind. Deal with it.

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