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Many people have ask why I get up so early in the morning. I usually respond by telling them it's leftover remnants from being in the army. Truth is it's quiet out, the air is cool, and the only real noise is the song of the birds waking to greet the day. It also allows a few moments of reflection, a chance to appreciate the gift of a new day, to pray and and ponder the mysterries of life. To experience awe.

Here is how my day started today.
Hard to feel depressed, sad, angry, or any other negative emotion when you're sitting, looking at that. @jaynie did a series on practicing gratefulness awhile back and I must say, starting the day in thanks and quiet reverence definitely sets the tone. Take a few moments to soak it all in and be grateful for the gift of life if nothing else.

Remember. Jesus said: "Love one another."


Beautifully serene - both the capture, and your words. Thanks for sharing the gratefulness, Steven. 💜🤗

I took a video but idk how or where to upload it. I'll try and figure it out. Stay tuned..
I think I did it.

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