Apple abundance

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This year the village has an unprecedented harvest of apples. Even on the old trees, which in years past had not borne much fruit, the branches were now bent under the weight of the choicest apples.To say nothing of young and vigorous Apple trees...
To process all this harvest on their own is unrealistic, so my brother collects apples in bags and delivers throughout the family. But even this little). Therefore, he calls the neighbors in the village, so they scored apples as they want))).
Already prepared a lot of cans of Apple jam, Apple juice, Apple compote, and apples do not end...





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Я когда держал поросят, то мне тоже яблоки тащили мешками. 😂 А тогда и у меня было много яблок. А сейчас нет проблем с переработкой яблок. Только Белый Налив нынче с яблоками и ещё одна яблонька согнулась от яблок. Остальные нынче даже не цвели яблони. А вот груши тоже позагнулись все от урожая. Вкусняшка, конечно. А вот одна груша разломилась на 3 части. Там, вообще, было немеряно опушек на ней.
И сливы... нямка.

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Whoa, too much apple on the tree and the grass

I love apple so well that I can eat a full tree😀

Time to make Apple Cider

This is an amazing yield on apples--I am frankly envious. How old are your trees? Congratulations

Old trees 17-20 years old , young Apple trees 5-8 years