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Dear reader - Steem has been renamed to Hive since May 2020. My content therefore has moved with me to Hive, and I hope to see you there: peakd.com/@soyrosa.


'...saw something others didn't?' ...Mmm.. nope. I'm not an indigo, and don't want to be one. :D

this is so cool. I love how you explained that x

I love this! The row of lights is what first caught my eye, and your explanation of seeing what others don't really resonates with me. Thanks for sharing!

i think reflections and patterns are something that people miss as they know it is nice but they just don't notice it.

We all see differently. The fact that he asked, and wanted to know, is pretty amazing. ((hugs))

This is beautiful, thank you for sharing what you see! I often see colors, more than the thing itself.

The way you capture what you see is really super cool!

What a question you ask. Is there ever a moment in my life when anybody sees it my way!? And I'm not even talking Jesus on toast (thinking of that famous slice of bread). Only today I was seeing trees who were either listening to every single whisper or ready to shout and scream and gobble you up (mouths or ears?)!

And then this one made me think long and hard: my hand on the book, only the picture not really covered: our shadow selves may point but never touch. Shadows leave no prints. Your lamps left their light on transparent panes.... you speak of " what is" for me " just an illusion" springs to mind now.

Amazing additions to my post @sukhasanasister! I love the eary mouth, or mouthy ears, they could be both at the same time, but what a weird experience it would be to talk in your own ears :D

An illusion, yes, and what a disillusion too, to want to make a picture of a book and only are able to see your own shadow....

And exactly there you see the difference between creative people and non creative people.

He is makes the effort though and that is actually very sweet and cool!
Keep him!!

I WILL! (Whoa, signed on the blockchain! Lol!)

In general when I go in public transport or walking along the street this type of moments happen to me, where one sees what is not. I was charmed with it @soyrosa

Yes, I knew you would understand! <3

I like it, you have an interesting eye

Thanks a lot @hectgranate! :-)

Love how you explained this...what a beautiful way to capture the work/life of being an artist!

if everyone saw what you saw, everyone could be a photographer :)
perfect photo. usual

Haha, you are absolutely right @artizm! :D I'm glad not everyone sees what we see ;-)

Oh, this is so sweet! It feels innocent to me somehow, very fresh. I love those times when I am open enough to see the festivity of things :)

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