me and my cosplay collection.

how are you steemit friends all wherever you are.
this time I will introduce myself once more so steemit friends know me and my day to day activities.
my name: sonea nakamaru, commonly called sonea.
where I live: singapore, and I also often travel and live in jepang.
My hobbies: My hobby is practically a hobby that is in great demand by the public
singapore and anime lover, that is cosplay.
to know me more closely and also my activities or my hobby, this time I will share my collection of cosplay results to all friends, may friends steemit know me and can be my steemit friend.
following my cosplay collection:

to be more clear about what is cosplay and where it comes from, here I have a little explanation about cosplay, hopefully useful
What is Cosplay?

Cosplay is a term for people who like costumes ala characters in animated movies, comics (manga) and video games. Derived from a combination of two words in English Costum and Play. The culprit is called Cosplayer. Actually, cosplay is universial, not even the character of Japan. The most popular cuman in Indonesia is the Japanese Cosplayer. The cause varies, can be due to the dominance of comics (manga), mostly dominated by Japanese comics. For fans of cartoons, Naruto, One Piece and Bleach are the main reasons.

Actually a lot of Cosplay West, but I think less beautiful good and eye-catching. Japanese cosplay somehow most of the results are very satisfying even closer to the original store resemblance in manga or cartoon movies. Perhaps because the creator of the manga / cartoon films depicts the faces of Japanese people, so if the Japanese who imitate would be suitable Even there is a Japanese woman who is working as Cosplayer and designer Cosplay costumes as well as his model.

History of Cosplay

Since the second half of the 1960s, fans of science fiction and stories in the United States have often held scientific fiction. Participants in the convention wear costumes like those worn by science fiction movie characters such as Star Trek. American culture has always known the forms of masquerade parties such as in Halloween and Easter celebrations.

The tradition of the implementation of science fiction convention reached Japan in the 1970s in the form of costume show show. In Japan, the first cosplay show was held in 1978 in Ashinoko, Kanagawa Prefecture in the form of a science fiction mask party Nihon SF Taikai 17th. Science fiction critic Mari Kotani attends a convention wearing costume-like figures in the cover of Edgar Rice Burroughs' A Fighting Man of Mars storyline. Not only did Mari Kotani attend Nihon SF Taikai while cosplaying. The director of the animation company Gainax, Yasuhiro Takeda wore the Star Wars 2 character costume

What are the Cosplay Types?

Cosplay anime / manga. Cosplay derived from anime and manga. Usually manhwa included in it includes comic from america.
Cosplay Game. Cosplay that originated or picked up from characters in Game.
Cosplay Tokusatsu. Cosplay that originated or picked up from characters in the tokusatsu movie.
Cosplay Gothic. Cosplay originating or picking up from dark or Gothic characters. Usually combined with Lolita.
Cosplay Original. The original cosplay is not in the anime, tokusatsu and others. Or have the same basic as the Kingdom Kingdom game characters for example: Sora (Kingdom Heart) but shaped metalic (modern)
Harajuku Style. Some cosplayer often suspect Harajuku style is part of cosplay. Some Harajuku styles appear in the manga / anime.
Cosplay Tales. some cosplay in lift from heroic and local folklore.

that's a little explanation about my hobby.
if I personally I prefer the original cosplay. why I like the original cosplay, because I prefer to own the works without any cheats from other people or from certain anime figures.

usually I make cosplay together with my friends and in my area there are many cosplay communities that are very interesting and various kinds of cosplay My community is the flow is the original cosplay.

I usually make cosplay if anyone asks me to make a cosplay model and also when there is a show and race about cosplay.

so my short introduction and my hobby, hopefully steemit friend would be my friend and my friend to guide me in this steemit.
thanks and bye.



I love boobs

thanks @pagandance ,i love you

Awesome costumes and photos! :) More, please! :)

there are many more my photo collection in the previous post.
if you like with my photos please vote and follow my account to see my other photos.
thaks @herverisson

Hi @sonea-nakamaru, thanks very much for sharing such a beautiful photo. I also mentioned you in my post. If you like it then please follow and upvote me, if you donot like it, then please message me in that post, then i will remove your information.

Thank you very much @sultanmr .
I really like your way

You do excellent cosplay! very awsome job! Kudos from Venezuela!

perfect ;)


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