Biggest Festival In India - So much of Joy and Some Awesome Pics

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As you all know I'm from India, West Bengal..In our city there is the biggest festival is going on called

Durga Puja...

In this festival we travel the whole city, eating lots of different food, buying new clothes and enjoy the whole night with our friends and family together... No Sleep At All :)

So in this blog post, I share some beautiful moments that I capture in my camera... Hopefully, you guys enjoy it...

This is made with cotton

Some beautiful ceiling artwork

It made with mud cups

It made with Bird Cage

It made with rubber and metal paint

Big mud architecture

Here is some more creative works....

There are so much to cover...But i could not cover it, in a single post...So I'll post the part II of this post very soon..

 Hopefully, you'll like the post.... if you like it then like, share and comments. and don't forget to follow me @somenathsen ....


The festival looks amazing, I wish I could give a fat up-vote.
However, your excessive use of purchased vote services is what earns you overall down-vote from me. Keep making worthy content, though. In the world without bid-bots I would Follow you.

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The Indian culture is really amazing. Nice post and pictures!

Happy diwali to all

Good festival

Happy diwali bhaijan🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊

happy diwali...

Trust me i know you had so much fun memorable fun i guess kudos

Puja seems extremely awesome. Lovely pictures too

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Amazing culture! Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Those are some amazing pictures and sights! I'm sorry, I'm from America... Like the middle, where nothing ever happens, and those pictures are amazing! I really like the one with the person in the palm.

That sounds so good actually being a part of this would be amazing

Nice pictures. Really beautiful.

wooh its culture is very cool

Hi somnath sen ...are u from kolkata?

hayyy!! Good. Me also from kolkata. And my name is also Somnath.... ha ha ha...

wowwwww dude amaizing photoshots , i love it .

thank dude...

i know that and my friend enjoy this festival in my city kolkatta..

I like it ... form me interesting

By looking at the pictures, It really felt me a big festival. Bro I am from Pakistan. I really liked the pictures you shared. Keep enjoying with your Family

India is a very interesting country, because of there fascinating vedic history and there many mystical vedic gods - Great event!

Valo laglo dekha. Pujo to kata parlam na kolkata ta.

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amar o khub valo laglo dada, apnar comment pore.. apni kothay thaken??

Ami UAE ta thaki. Pujo ta ghor jawa hoi na go. Pujo miss kori. Akhana pujo hoi khub choto kora. Akta room ar madhay.

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