SunThursday - Some of the Best Shot's I've ever made

in photography •  2 years ago  (edited)

Hello Steemians,

I don't know why but I've always been fascinated by the sunsets from around the world. I take sunset photos whenever I see a beautiful sunset and I would like to show you my awesome collection of sunset's part two. These pictures have been amassed during months of traveling.

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Beautiful! Don't you love how each sunset is unique? And really there are no words to describe such beauty and colour.

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I to love sunsets wherever i go alas for many years I just watched them and didn't take photos, thanks for sharing yours amazing images

Wow! Cool pictures @soldrakon! Upped and resteemed!

Sehr schöne Bilder..Klasse Arbeit


Great series! The purple in the second to last one is awesome.

Lovely..I do the same..following u...check my sunset @athavan

I was checking out so many of your old posts now and - omg - you are an artist! ALL of your pictures are fabulous :-o

Very nice photos there! What camera did you use? You took photos like a professional.